Review: Innisfree Sparkling Mineral Mist (Empties)


I am someone who cannot leave without my mist. I will bring it everywhere I go and feel really lost without it. I use it before I do my morning or night routines and also during the day.

I love it so much that even when I have tried so many facial mists (For example, all the facial mist you can find in Watsons and Guidance) I am still on the search for finding my new favorite facial mist. This time I decided to try this product.

I have tried the Green Tea Mist and it was not bad but I felt that my DIY Green Tea Spray works roughly the same and it does not have preservatives, fragrances, and other “bad” chemicals. I rather buy a mist product that I cannot make it.

I have a certain expectation on mist and it is quite high too. If you want to know how the facial mist far to my expectations, keep on reading!




Rectifying the claim


Pros and Cons

Who would I recommend it to?


Rectifying the Claim


*Taken from the Offical Innisfree Website and the product packaging

  1. Delivers rich mineral nutrition due to the Jeju sparkling mineral water
    • NO, I think. As I am not a scientist or have the technology to check my skin on whether it actually delivers rich mineral nutrition into my skin. However, I did not see any improvement when I use this spray.
  2. Strengthening the moisture-retaining power
    • NO, it does not. I feel that it makes my skin drier and I had to use the mist more time than I usually do during the day. I did not see any signs of strengthening at all.
  3. Delivers hydration deep into the skin like filling it with moisture from inside
    • NO, it does not. When hydration goes deep into the skin, your skin will be pump and bounce. This does not do that even when you put on your bare face.
  4. Fine-textured sparking mineral water particles sit gently onto the skin to moisturize and soothe it like it’s been soaked in a hot spring
    • YES and NO. Out of the all of the facial mist that I have tried, this has the biggest water particles and I have tried a lot of facial mist. It does sit gently onto the skin to moisturize but it does not soothe my skin like it’s been soaked in a hot spring. It makes my skin itch even more.
  5. Delivers moisture into your skin to instantly relieve skin dryness
    • YES, it does. It does deliver moisture and instantly relieves skin dryness. However, it does not last long and not sufficient enough. My skin got drier after using the mist and had to use it more time than I usually would. Give moisture but not enough for my skin.





I like the fact that it contains 90% sparkling mineral water instead of water. Like most facial mist products. This is 1 of the things that attracted me to this product.

Another thing that I like is that the ingredient list is short and simple. This prevents more chemical and harmful ingredients on the face. However, I do not like the fact that there is fragrance inside this.

I am someone who does not particularly care about the scent and prefer products to have no scent in them. I do not want any artificial fragrances or additional chemicals added to the products just so to make it smell sense. However, this does not apply to products who have added chemicals to make the products no scent. That is a different story.

I check the ingredients on Cosdna and a few ingredients pop up. Most of them are low hazard expect Castor oil and Phenoxyethanol which is a medium hazard. However, that is to be expected.  Castor oil is known to be slightly Comedogenic and Phenoxeythanol is a preservative.

For those who react badly or breakout to Castor oil, this might not be for you. You can still try as the Castor oil is at the bottom of the ingredients list but do be careful about it.



It has slight sticky oily texture. It is more oily than sticky due to the castor oil in this mist. It does go away after some time.


Water Particles

The water particles are big and too far apart from one another. Have to spray more times than I would usually do to properly cover my face.


Spray Power


It was not powerful enough for me. I could not feel the mist on my face and have to spray quite a few times to feel it. However, by then there are big drops of water on my face.

Not only that, the mouth of the spray leaks the products through the mist hole. Like you can see from the picture above.




It does give some sort of a dewy finish but it was not enough to actually say it gives a dewy finish for my skin type. It’s there but not quite there. This might be due to how the mist dries. Initial the mist on the face is slightly oily and sticky but after some time, it disappears/absorb into the skin.

Side Note: This mist makes my skin itch after the mist settle on my face):


Set Makeup

It does not set my makeup at all and I did not expect it to be as it was not claimed. However, I did not expect that it actually blotch the makeup on my face which is totally not okay for me. I would need to use this throughout the day.


Lasting Power

The moisture does not last not my skin at all and I have to spray more times than I usually do for my regular facial mist throughout the day.



I expected this to be quite moisturizing as this was the main purpose of why I bought this product in the first place. It is moisturizing but it was not moisturizing enough at all. It does bring down my skin temperature like all other facial mist. Also, I need it to calm down the itchiness of my skin throughout the day, prevent dryness and add moisture to my skin. However, this makes my skin itch like not 1 or 2 areas but my whole face which is not funny.



There was no satisfaction when misting the face. For me personally; besides the skin care properties; mist is supposed to help me to either relax, calm down and freshen/wake me up.  This does not do any of that for me.


Pros and Cons:

*According to my skin type/condition/preferences

Moisturizing Not Moisturizing enough for dry skin
A slight dewy finish Does not set and clumps up makeup
Water Particles too big
Gap between the water particles too wide
Makes my skin itch


Who would I recommend it to?

Those who have combination skin or normal skin that is scared of the strong spray and wants to moisturize their skin throughout the day. Like have tried the Green Tea Mist and felt it was too powerful, this would be good.




I rate it 2 as it did not match my skin type and condition. It went down quite a bit due to the fact that this makes my skin itch, even more, when it supposed to prevent and reduce of the itchiness. Another main reason is that it did not live up to the claims for my personally.

However, I did use this finish in the end. The stubborn side of me that must use finish a skin care product no matter what even if I use it for another purpose.

1= Should not be out in the market for sale

2= Would not buy this again

3=I like it but not so much that I will repurchase

4= Will repurchase until I find a better replacement

5= Holy Grail!!! Will keep buying this until it is discontinued


Last Words

I hope you like this review on Innisfree Sparkling Mineral Mist. If you want more information or have any questions about this product/facial mist, let me know in the comment box! What are some facial mists that you like or dislike?

PS: CHRISTMAS IS COMING SOON!!!!! Ahahahah!!! I cannot wait! Christmas is my favorite season of all! Love it! 23 more days to Christmas! Totally counting down to it! See you on Thursday!

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