Makeup Haul and Review: September 2016


Today I am back with something different again! As you could probably tell, I am trying to change the vibe of the blog and give you something different every other week.  I try not to have so many skin care posts one after the other as I still want to show you the other things that I like to do! Don’t worry I will definitely go back to skin care. It will always be my obsession and favorite thing to do.

PS: To tell you a secret, I am not really good at explaining makeup as I do for skin care. So please pardon me if I do explain it in a slightly weird way. Arigatou gozaimasu! (Thank you in Japanese)

This haul was about 1-2 months ago when I was invited to Estee Lauder VIP private sale. Even though it was quite some time ago, I wanted to do a blog post about it as I rarely buy makeup products. Thus, I am also letting you know what are my thoughts are on these products.

I will go in the sequence of Brushes – Eye Products – Blushes – Lipsticks


Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face


(Please pardon the damp brush. I just could not not use this brush on that day I took this photo! That’s how much I am in love with this brush!! ♥)

I have always been wanting this brush for quite sometime after seeing British Youtubers Anna and Lily rave about it so much! They like this brush and use it very often. Not sure whether they still like it as it has been quite some time.

Anyway, I am loving this brush a lot! This blends ANY of my foundations into my skin so naturally, seamlessly and fast! My previous foundation brush(Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) was not blending some of my foundations into my skin naturally and seamlessly. There were brush lines and it takes some time to actually blend it into my skin. Plus, I had to use a sponge afterward to take away the brush lines and make it a bit more seamlessly. Argh… I don’t like wasting so much time just putting foundation.


This brush can give BOTH light and full coverage unlike what the name says. The bristles are so soft that it makes me want to put more foundation so I can feel it on my face! Hahaha!!! 😛 This brush is similar to the Bobbi Brown Buffing Brush so if you want to get that brush without buying the whole set; you can get this instead!


Bobbi Brown Eye Smudge


I have been looking for a bullet shaped brush that is not so stiff, moveable and soft at the same time. Not only that, it has to fit nicely on my eye crease and the space under my double eyelid line.(Not sure what is that called!) This hits all of it! This brush blends seamlessly and even when applying at a particular area; it doesn’t look clean-cut and precise. It looks like part of your skin. Blends beautifully.


I like the thickness of the handle and how it feels on my hand. Some brushes’ handle can be thin and slim which is perfect for some people but not me. The brush looks heavy but it is not at all.



MAC 228


This is the perfect fit for under eye lash line area and great to use when I want to use eyeshadow to line my eyes which are most of the time. I like to substitute eyeshadow for eyeliner as I take FOREVER to do it and eyeshadow looks more natural looking for me. This does a great job for me. It does not give the sharp clean look that eyeliner brushes give but this does give a precise natural application without looking very precise. You get what I mean?

Plus, all eyeliner transfer to the bottom of my eye and it gets really irritating. I am still looking for my perfect eyeliner.


PS: This is the only MAC brush I have now. I lost my 217 and that was my very first MAC brush! WHY?!!!! Why do you have to run away from me?!! 🙁




Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Golden Pink and Golden Brown


(Golden Brown)


(Golden Pink)

I have always been wanting a cream eyeshadow stick and I have heard good reviews about this. I have really oily eyelids and whatever I put on my eyes it just disappears or transfers to the bottom of my eyes. I really like this a lot and regret not getting more shades.


  • Does not crease on me
  • Does not budge once set
  • Smudge-able
  • Does not have any glitter fall out
  • Staying power is quite good
  • Can layer over with eye shadow to intensify color
  • Great for on the go
  • Application is really smooth and quick


  • It can be to glitter for day-to-day wear.
    • It is due to the colors that I have chosen. I check the other colors in stalls and they are not as glittery as the 2 colors that I have.
  • Expensive
    • I bought mine for a cheaper price so its okay but the original price is not exactly cheap. (US$29 I couldn’t remember how much was the original price in Singapore dollar)


This is my 1st Shadow Stick so I cannot really compare to the average standard of shadow stick but I like it so far.




MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Stroke My Ego


This is my 1st ever paint pot! I was super excited when I got this as MAC Paint Pot. There are quite a number of people who swear by it and love it, and it works really well for the majority of users. Usually, I do not use eye primer cause that’s another thing to bring around (Due to my job) and it takes a longer time to apply my makeup. I don’t like my daily makeup routine to be fussy and long. Except for special occasions or when I simply want to do a full fledged makeup look.

It is a great makeup base and it does make my eyeshadow makeup last longer. Sometimes I just like to put this by itself especially when I look a bit pale and when I conceal the darkness on my eyelid. It makes my eyes appear bigger and has more depth. I would choose another color without the silver in it but at that sale, they don’t have any other brown that has a warm undertone.

Stroke My Ego is a soft medium-dark taupe brown with pearly silvery shimmer in it.


Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Sunrise Pink #4T


I have been wanting to try to put more pink into my makeup recently. To be frank with you, I am not really a pink person or a fan of it. It just does not look good on me but I have been wanting to try new things. So what better way to try new things than a color you don’t really like to use.

The eyeshadow glides on smoothly onto my eyelids and lasts pretty decent in the hot humid weather I live in. This is more on the powdery side than the creamy side which is good for my oily eyelid.


This color can be described as a light peachy pink with a slight shimmer in it. This has a warm undertone to it and the color payoff is subtle. The pigmentation is not strong so if you want an eyeshadow color that can be seen from a distance, this color is not for you.



Bobbi Brown Blush in Clementine #46


I literally fell in love at first sight with this blush color! It’s a bright (to me) peachy pink blush that I feel the color is more on the orange side than pink. It might just be me though. `:D

This is my FIRST EVER blush that I have bought that it’s this BRIGHT and BOLD. I am not a blush kind of girl so the blushes I use are usually subtle or simply don’t use any blush at all.

This surprisingly gives you a such a natural flush that brightens up your face without going too overboard and it is really pigmented! Because it is really pigmented, a little goes a long way!

Even when you go overboard with it, you can just simply blend it out! The texture is smooth and blend-able! Especially when you love the color so much that you go overboard with it! Hahaha!!

This blush leaves a matt finish which is great for daily wear and when you want to emphasize more on your highlights or contours.


Also, I love the fact that there is no shimmer in this and its long wearing even in humid weathers. Love to pair this together with the previous product. (Sunrise pink eyeshadow)

PS: Bobbi Brown describes this color as a mid-tone pink orange.


Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Red #10


This is my 1st ever Bobbi Brown lipstick. You can literally tell by now that I have a lot of ‘first’ in this blog post! Hahaha!!

This lipstick is in the semi-matt series but when you first apply it, it is more of a creamy and moisturizing lipstick. It is only after a while later than it turns semi-matt and that is when your lips will start to dry out.

(Including lip balm of course! My lips will die if I don’t put. URGH!)

I have really dry and problematic lips. So if it drying to me, it might not be for you. However, even though this lipstick is drying for me; it is creamier and moisturizing compared to other semi-matt lipstick brands. For that, I really thank Bobbi Brown!! Plus, it stays on pretty well for this texture even in a humid country.

I am red lip kinda girl. I tend to gravitate towards reds and this is a true classic blue red. Even though it said to be a warm red tone lipstick. If you are looking for a true cool tone red that can also suit warm skin tone, you should totally check this out. I am warm toned and this suits me well.

It might just be me but I felt that the color looks slightly warmer and darker in the tube than when you swatch it on your hand. The color on my lip looks more like the swatch than the tube. So make sure to test it out on your lips first before buying!


This does not make my teeth look yellowish like some reds can do and there is no shimmer or pearl in this! Awesome!!! Great for a bold red lipstick!

PS: It does stain your lips at the end of the day even with lips makeup remover but I am fine with it.


MAC Lipstick in My Inner Femme #A65


This is a bright intense orange-red that not everyone would wear out but I love it! I felt this color is more on the orange side than red for me but some other time its more on the red than orange. This might be due to lighting or just me over thinking/analyzing.

The lipstick is from the MACnificent Me collection and has the Amplified Creme formulations. It is easy to apply and glides easily onto the lips due to opaqueness and the creamy texture.

It does slightly dry my lips but people with normal or dry lips would find this hydrating with or without lip balm on. (I have really dry lips)


It does last quite well on my lips but it does smudge on me sometimes especially when I applied too much or when it has not settled down.


Colour Swatches


(From the left: Bobbi #Red, MAC #My Inner Femme, Bobbi #Clementine, Bobbi #Sunrise Pink, Bobbi #Golden Pink and #Golden Brown)

You could see how bad I am with swatches.

That’s the end of my 1st makeup haul and review blog post! Hope you like it and let me know what you want to see more of! See you later!




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