Outfits of the Month: November

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

I am back with another new series for you!

This time it would be about fashion and is what I wore that month!

Most of the time I usually wear sports attire and don’t particularly care about what I look like due to work. So when I do dress up and put my life back together; I tend to take ootds with them!

Usually, I don’t put all of my ootds pictures on Instagram. So I thought of sharing my outfits with you to give you some inspiration as what other people did to me! I am not really a great model so you get to see photos of me being un-glam, awkwardly posing behind the scene photos of my words that I don’t think that I would post on Instagram. Not sure whether you would like to see that or find any inspiration on it but yeah!

I am not a fashion expert or even the same level as those fashion vloggers/bloggers. I just like to create outfits that are comfortable and make me feel good about myself. Despite whether it being in trend or not. As simple as that!

In summary, this series is about outfits that I wore that month! So this post is about what I wore in November. Better late then never right?

Read on to see the outfits!

Let the photos begin!

PS: The outfits are not according to the time I wore them.

Outfit 1: Black and White



Outwear/Kimono: H&M Hong Kong

Dress: Bugis Street

Shoes: Birkenstock

The funny thing is that on this day that I took this photo, I actually have a bandage on my left ankle! The ones where Chinese Physician wraps your ankles with.  I sprain my ankle that week and had to wrap it.

That’s why you cannot see 1 of my feet! Hahaha!! I was trying so hard to hide it!

Anyway, I wanted to incorporate my bandage color into my outfit. So it matches with it instead of sticking out like a sore thumb! Or at least sticking out lesser than it already is.

The bandage was white, I had to wear my black Birkenstock due to it and so I came out with this!



Sunglasses: Prada

Watch: Casio

Rings: Bought it in New Zealand and Thailand, Bangkok

“I need to compose and channel my inner model!”

“Think you are 1 of the gossip girls! You can do this!”


Wind blows. Hahahaha!!

I just can’t! I just can’t! God help me!!!!

All I can think is food!

Lydia! Get your act together!


Stomach and Brain: ” Should I eat burger or Wanton Mee for lunch? But pasta sounds good too!”


Outfit 2: Comfortably Chic2016-10-31-02.11.14-1.jpg.jpg

I wanted to be comfortable but yet look put together. (Look and not actually have my life together) I don’t want to look as if I just got out of bed and tell the whole world that I just want to go back to bed. Hahaha!! So this is what I got!


Top: Malaysia, Johor Bahru

Bottoms: Thailand, Bangkok

Shoes: Hush Puppies



Urrggghhh!! That big arm! They always betray you during photos. Sigh…





Necklace: Thailand, Bangkok (Love this! One of my favorites!)

Watch: Casio (Same as the 1st outfit!)


Outfit 3: Simply Basic


Went back to basic with this outfit! I was rushing out of the house and did not want to think much about my outfit that day. So I just throw on this outfit. I forgot to wear my waist belt, though! But oh well! Hahaha!!


Top: Thailand, Bangkok

Bottom: I cannot remember where I bought it from but most probably is from Malaysia, Johor Bahru.

Shoes: Same thing. I cannot remember where I bought it from. It is either from Johor Bahru or Bangkok.

Watch: Vintage (That’s not a brand name)

Bag: Thailand, Bangkok


Outfit 4: Denim Denim


I was feeling adventurous and it’s been some time since I did a denim denim look.

So this is what I came out with. Wore a plain simple shirt, paired 2 different color tone jeans together and throw on a sneaker on.


Outerwear: Levis

Shirt: Uniqlo

Bottoms: Calvin Klein

Shoes: Superga

Sunnies: Prada

Choker: Thailand, Bangkok


Outfit 5: Shopping day


I throw this outfit together for a whole day of shopping for Christmas. It was in November. I know. That’s how much I love Christmas!!


Dress: Thailand, Bangkok

Shoe: Hush Puppies

Bag: Thailand, Bangkok


On that particular day, I needed to shop for Christmas decorations, presents and try clothes on. This is 1 of the periods that I love to shop! The vibes, atmosphere, the SALES and an actual reason to shop!

So this outfit was good to change out and into!


So this is the end of the 1st outfit series! Hope you like it!

I just realize that most of my clothes are from overseas! Sorry about that. I just tend to shop overseas as it is cheaper and has a better selection!

Personally, I cannot wait for 2017 to come! 2016 was not a pleasant year for me and to be honest, I want it to be done and over with.

Saying that, this will be my 2nd last post I will be posting this year. My last blog post will be up this week just in time before New Year’s Day and it will be a product review!

In the spirit of Christmas season(Yes, it is still Christmas season to me), I am truly thankful for you viewers who stayed and was patience with me this past year. As I was not able to upload as many blog posts as I like and say. Thank you so much!

See you in the next post!



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