Review/Empty: IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning

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It’s the 1st blog post of the year and I am back with an another product review! Or should I say empties review? Hahaha!!! I have finished using this and if you want to know what I think of this product, read on for more!

To be frank with you, this is my 1st ever skin care product from this brand. I wasn’t really particularly interested in this brand. Thus, I did not buy anything from this brand before.

I bought this product as it was said to be a dupe SK-II. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t buy this so I can compare this to the SK-II essence. I bought this so I can compare this to the other dupes of SK-II as I was looking for an affordable fermented essence.

Side Note: So far I have tried the Innisfree and Missha (New Formula) fermented essences. I tried the travel size bottle of the Missha and I felt it was not worth buying the bigger bottle. However, I am still debating on whether to buy the full bottle to give it a fair chance and to make sure I really test the product. Since fermented essences do take quite some time to show some results. We will see how!


Product Description

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A fermented essence that filled with bio-enzymes and uses Bio-redox technology to promise that it will visibly and continuously improve/optimise the skin condition. Making your skin brighter, smoother and clearer with each uses.

They strongly recommend using 3ml of product for each application with a cotton pad to apply it to the skin for maximum absorption to the skin.

To be used after toner.



S$58 168ml from qoo10

If I do remember correct, this was 1 of the most expensive essence that I have ever bought. If you want to know exactly which store I bought it from, let me know in the comments section below!

UPDATE (15 August 2017): The cheapest I could find was $36.90 for 84ml and $59.90 for 164ml from qoo10.There is a delivery charge of $1.90. This shop has an additional discount. If you are buying the 164ml, you get an additional $3 off. Not being paid to say this. Just trying to help you save money! (:  Click Me for the Link! 




Faex, Nicotinamide, Glycerol, Bifida Ferment Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Beta-Glucan, Glycereth-26, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxycellulose, Adenosine, Propylene Glycol, Aqua

The ingredient list is actually in Korean and my Korean is not so good to be able to translate. So I got the ingredient list from Skin & Tonic blog review instead! She is amazing and 1 of the blogs that I trust! I always agree with what she says in her reviews! You see, whenever I try the same product as her and then read her reviews; I would totally agree with what she says! It’s as if she is reading my brain! Scary but cool!

Saying that she did a wonderful and amazing job of explaining the main key ingredients that I, myself would not be able to do.

Click here if you want to check it out!



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Packaging: I really love the translucent frosted glass bottle and the silver metal cap. It feels steady and of good quality. However, this is not a travel-friendly packaging. The bottle is kind of too heavy, big for travel and I am always worried that I might break it. So if you are someone who likes to bring the whole bottle of their products overseas, you would not like it. I am fine with it as I transfer some of it into another small plastic bottle.

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The opening hole size is just nice. Not too much or little product comes out at the same time and you can control the amount easily. However, you do need to take note 1 thing. For the 1st few usage, it is hard to shake out the desired amount of essence that you want. After those few times, it would be fine. Just to let you know that some people feel that the opening should be slightly bigger. I don’t think so but that’s my opinion. You should test it for yourself.

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Application: I did not use with the cotton pad that was given with as I feel that I am wasting product. I also did not use 3ml as what was instructed. (The line at the side of the bottle was the indication of how much to use per usage.) It is just too much product to be used per usage! 1 bottle would not last me 1 month!! Can you imagine the amount of money spend on this per year?!

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Please don’t mind my fatty hands. It’s been enlarged! I promise that they are small in real life!! Hahaha!!:P

Essence: It looks and feels similar to water. It is clear and has about the same consistency as water. My skin literally drinks this up whenever I put this on. It absorbs quickly into the skin and there are no residue or film left behind. It feels like your skin but better.

However, when you use a hydrating toner or a thicker consistency product, those products does not get absorb into the skin as fast as normals. It takes a little more effort and time to be fully absorbed into the skin. Especially for the AHA and BHA exfoliating products. When I use those products, my skin complexion is not as bright and clear as what this essence usually give me. This essence does not absorb fully in and did not make my skin smoother.

Effect: This does brighten, smoothes and make your skin clearer like what it promises! The product does keep making my skin brighter with consistent use but there is a maximum point where my skin just maintains its brightens. That make sense and good in a way, if not my face would be a light bulb, blinding people’s eyes everywhere I go! Hahaha!! But once I stop using it, the brightens of my skin do fade away.

The product makes the appearance of my pores smaller and tighter which is always great. (‘Look’ and not ‘became’ smaller since pores has no muscles to open and close)

Not sure is it just me but this slightly even out my skin complexion. For example, my forehead area tends to be darker than the rest of my face and it can be quite obvious sometimes. This makes that area slightly lighter and more even out. It is still darker but it is not that obvious when I apply this.

Talking about lightning. I am not sure whether this lightens my hyper pigmentation or scars since I use other products for that but I do think it help. I feel that it boost the other products to lighten those areas in more than when I do not use this.

This is more of a hydrating than moisturizing essence which is great for those with dehydrated skin. However, I feel that the hydration is not really that good.  It does hydrate but not really really hydrate. The Missha FTE was slightly more hydrating compare to this.

This dries more of a matt rather than a glowy finish. Not those dry matt but those hydrating healthy matt. If you know what I mean.

Not only that, this calms my skin down. Even when it is irritated, inflamed and itchy!



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PS: This picture was taken when I just bought the product! Didn’t want to keep the box! Hahaha!!:P

I love everything about this product except the hydrating part. I just wish it was more hydrating. I feel that this would suit everybody except those dehydrated dry skin ladies who like to keep their skincare routine to the minimum and those who are living in the winter period. There is just not enough hydration.

People living in humid countries would like this much more compared to those who live in colder climate through the years. Saying that this is more of a summer than a winter skin care product. Somehow it is able to keep the sebum under control and gives off a matte finish. Which is not only great for the summer period and humid countries but for those people who have oily or combination skin too!

People who have sensitive and irritated skin on a regular basis would like this. This calms and comforts the skin. It also reduces the redness and inflammation of the skin. Whenever my skin itchy or irritated, I would put first. By the next morning, my skin would be so much better and ready to take the day!



  • Lightweight
  • Absorb into the skin quickly
  • No residue or film left behind
  • Makes skin smoother, clearer and brighter
  • Give the appearance of smaller and higher pores
  • Boost the effectiveness of the products after
  • Does help to lighten the scars and hyperpigmentations
  • Gives a hydrating healthy matt finish
  • Calms irritated and inflamed skin
  • Does not break me out
  • Keeps the sebum under control
  • Great to use for summer and in humid countries



  • Takes a longer time to get absorb into the skin after putting AHA/BHA or thick consistency toners before the essence
  • Not as hydrating for a 1 essence basic routine or as I like it to be
  • Not travel-friendly
  • Not suitable to use during winter and in cold climate countries

Ratings:4.6/5.0 (Took out 0.4 for not having enough hydration)

Repurchase: Yes. May not be now but will repurchase it again until I can find a better-fermented essence.

Hello, 2017~

I am so happy that 2017 is here and cannot wait for it to be started! I have so many things happening this year. Be it good or bad!

Hope you all had a great New Year’s Day and a good start to the year!

Also, can you believe Chinese New Year is around the corner?? 2 more weeks!! And I have not bought my clothes yet!


It’s stressful to buy clothes during this period especially when you do not want to wear the same clothing as your relatives or friends! Sigh…

Anyway! Hope you have a great week! See you in the next post!!

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