Outfits of the Month: January/CNY

Even though Chinese New Year is over and it is sort of a Chinese blog post….

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

新年快乐, 年年有餘, 步步高升, 心想事成, 万事如意

xīn nián kuài lè, nián yǒu yú, bù bù gāo shēng, xiǎng shì chéng, wàn shì rú yì

For those who do not understand Chinese, here are the meanings in English!

Happy New Year, May you have abundance every year, May every step take you higher, May all your wishes come true, May everything goes well with you

For those who celebrated Chinese New Year, I hope you had a good time with your family members and get to eat loads of good food!

For this month, half of the outfits are from Chinese New Year.

So let’s begin!

Outfit 1: Stripe it out

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I created this outfit surrounding the romper that I just felt and look weird in. I cannot remember why I bought it in the first place. It was just too big and baggy for me which is something that I, personally doesn’t like in rompers.

However, I wanted to wear this and try to step out of my comfort zone. So this is the look that I got.

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I use a denim jacket to create a more fitted and edgy look. This allows me to hide away the bagginess and bulk of the material.

Add a bit of casual and simplicity with a pair of white sneakers and a black sling bag.

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I wore this unusual (For me) outfit to Johor Bahru, Malaysia so at least I would not be so cautious of seeing someone I know and conscious about how other people think of me.

This is why I like to experiment new outfits or looks when I am overseas. You would not need to be worried because the chances of meeting them again are so slim.

Romper: Bangkok, Thailand (I think. Seeing how it is so baggy and big on me)

Jacket:  Levis

Shoe: Superga

Bag: Bangkok, Thailand


Outfit 2: Hair Focus

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Like what the outfit title says, this look is focused on my hair. I cut and coloured my hair in preparation for Chinese New Year. So I kept the colour neutral to make the hair colour more obvious. Same goes with why I wore “longer” clothes despite the hot weather in Singapore. It is to make the hair cut more obvious. Thank God that day it was not hot!

I kept everything else to the bare minimal.

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This is only the 2nd time that I dyed my hair and I kinda like this colour on me. I did not like the previous colour at all as it was too orange for my liking. It makes my skin appear yellowish and dark which I did not like.

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Fun Fact: I manage to took these outfits photos within 2 minutes! Like for once! I wish this happens all the time. Hahaha!!!

Top: Bershka

Bottom: I cannot remember ):

Shoe: Superga

Jacket: The Editor’s Market

Bag: Bangkok, Thailand

Necklace: Bangkok, Thailand


Outfit 3: CNY Day 1

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There is a thing with Chinese New Year period that I cannot seem to shop for clothes. The long shopping queue and that even longer (Really very long) queue for the fitting rooms just does not make me want to go shopping.

When shopping clothes become a need, I just can’t seem to shop! It might be due to the stress of getting new clothes or my job where I am just so used to non-peak periods where shops are empty, the queue is short and there just nobody that is blocking the walkway.

So every Chinese New Year period, I would go to a shop and make sure I get all of my clothes from there. To simply get it done and over with. Usually, I go to the same few shops to get my clothes during the period. This year and also the past few years, I have been going to The Editors Market.


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Feeling pretty and happy that I get to eat as much food as I want! 😀

1 thing that I do not like this dress is that the material gets wrinkled easily. You can see that it wrinkled really badly around the hip area until you can see it in a photo. I am not sure whether the crease would be this bad on normal days as I have been seating and standing throughout the day.

However, it does get wrinkled easily.

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To end it on a better note, I bought this dress for Chinese New Year as it really reminds me of a traditional Cheongsam Dress cutting with a modern twist to it. It has a silky and glossy finish like a Cheongsam too!

Maybe it’s just me who thinks this way. Hahaha!

Dress: The Editor’s Market

Shoe: Charles and Keith

Purse: Fossil

Bangle: Jade bought in Chinatown (I always wear this during Chinese New Year)


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Please do not mind my brows, acne and scars 🙁

Here is a close up on my makeup that I put on. If you want to know how I create this look, let me know!

Gold Ring: Hong Kong

Silver Ring: Pandora

Earring: H&M


Outfit 4: CNY Day 2

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Please do not mind the quality. Took it at night.

This was the 1st time that I wore this kind of bell sleeve top and I fell in love with it. It is so flowy, girly but not too girly, casual but put together and sexy but subtle. These pictures do it no justice. If I take an ootd with this top again, I post it here and let you see it! Including the back detail!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

However, I cannot stand the bell sleeves when eating. It’s just irritating but thank God my boyfriend found a way. For those girls who suffer from this like I do, do this!

Fold the sleeves as what you would usually do to a long blouse but inwards this time. Take the ribbon/string and tie it around the sleeves! Wow, lah! (Not sure if this is how you spell it. I give you a thumbs up if you understand what I am trying to say!)

You can enjoy your food in peace, sleeves do not get dirty and you still look good! Your welcome! >.<

PS: If you do not have those tightening strings in your sleeves like I do, those long hair tie can work too!

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Top: The Editor’s Market

Bottom: Bangkok, Thailand

Shoe: Charles and Keith

Bag: Fossil

Earring: H&M


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Happy that I can finally go home and rest!! Or maybe it the drinks talking 😛


That’s the end of this post! Hope you enjoy it as much fun as I come out with these outfits!

Please share and like this post!! It will mean a lot to me if you could do that! Thank you!

Gonna grab dinner now! Really Really REALLY hungry right now!!

Signing off~



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


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