Outfits of the Month: February


Welcome back to another post of Outfits of the Month!

This month will be slightly different and special. There will be 2 outfit post instead of the usual 1 Outfits of the Month! If you want to know what is this 2nd outfit post about, come back tomorrow. I will upload it tomorrow after this post goes up!

However, once I upload that post, I will add the link in here so you can go straight and see what is this special post!

Let’s move on to the outfits!

Outfit 1: Simple Birthday

Clearly, you can see how happy I am(:

As the title of this outfit says, I wore this on my birthday. I went to Marina Barrage for a simple picnic. I did not want to wear shorts and shirt. I wanted to feel pretty and glam despite the hot weather so this is what I got!

I was quite surprised with myself. I don’t really like pink in general, yet alone wear it but I bought this dress. Recently, I am liking pastel pink or those light mauve pink. I find really pretty!!♥

They compliment my current hair color nicely too!

So hot! Thank God you cannot see my drops of sweat! I was talking about the weather and not me. Hahaha!!

Dress: The Editor’s Market

Bag: Fossil

Shoe: Hush Puppies

Sunglasses: Prada

Despite this being a dress and the slits at the side; it was comfortable to seat it. I did not need to be so cautious and aware of it. Especially due to the length of the dress.

Plus, the shoe was really comfortable to walk on the grass and to remove. Great for a picnic! I did not need to be worried about the heels penetrating the grass or anything like that!


Outfit 2: Dark Side

Saw that umbrella?

Welcome to the dark side~ Hahaha!! I didn’t know what should I put for this outfit title so I thought of that since I am mainly wearing all darker shades of colors!

Top: The Editor’s Market

Bottom: Bangkok, Thailand

Bag: Fossil

Footwear: Birkenstock

I love this long silky dark green top that has 2 slits on each side that goes all the way to the waistline. Don’t be scared about the long sleeve and material. It is very comfortable to be in and much more cooling than you think it is.

Just make sure you do not wear this for the whole day out in the sun. It would be a very wet disaster! Hahaha!!


Outfit 3: Monday Blues

To be honest, I wore this on Sunday and I usually do not have Monday blues. You might think I am weird but I have Friday blues instead. I do not like my Fridays due to my job. Is the worst day of the week.

Anyway! I wore this simple because my boyfriend was wearing a dark blue top and I wanted to match with him. Hahaha!!

Trying to look elegant in this comfortable cotton dress. *FAILED*

Love these black flats, though. They are really comfortable, simple and chic. They are my go-to’s. If I do not know what to wear, these are flats I take before rushing out of the house. (A daily occur in my life)

Dress: Cannot remember where I got this from

Footwear: Hush Puppies

Sunnies: Prada

I seriously look really fat and short in this picture.

I did not like this picture at all but I wanted to make sure you got a front view of the dress. So please excuse my fattiness and shortness! Hahaha!!

If you have sharp and good eyes, you can see that my nails are in blue too!!

Gotta match my rubber band to my dress!!

1 aspect that I love from this dress is the hoodie! How rare for a dress to have a hoodie? Especially a long dress. It is quite hard to find.

Watch: Casio

Ring: Pandora

That’s all for this month! I hope you have enjoyed reading and seeing the outfits that I wore in the month of February! There is another special outfit post coming out tomorrow! So look out for it!

Shout out to my boyfriend for always helping me to take my outfit pictures and being patience with me!!! Love you, dear! Muacks!

You can clearly see the irritation he has to deal with! Hahaha!! Don’t know why he loves me.


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