Outfit of the Month: Birthday Edition

Welcome back!

As you can see from the title, I have another Outfit of the Month blog post! It is slightly special. Since February is my birthday month and I took a lot of photos; I thought that I did a blog post dedicated to it! If you paid attention, I put “Outfit” and not “Outfits of the Month” cause I only wore 1 outfit! Hahaha!!

So today’s post would be slightly different. It would be more of those diary type of blog post instead of those usual posts I do. I have never done this before and do not really know how to go about it. So if you feel that it is messy or anything like that, please do forgive me and try to understand.

So if you are not really interested in this post, you can click here to read my February’s Outfits of the Month!

If you want to know what I did on my birthday, read on for more!

Introducing my irritating boyfriend

That ugly person beside me in the picture is my sweet boyfriend. He is going to complain when he see this. Hahaha!!! 😛

I always wanted to have a picnic so he brought me to Marina Barrage for a lunch picnic.

Simple but perfect (:

He prepared and make me sandwiches.

Clearly, you can tell that I do not care how I sit or look when I am in front of food. ^.^

Dirty dirty smelly shoe
I spot a photo bomber!!

So after lunch, it’s photo time!! We did a mini photoshoot.

You can clearly tell that my body is not in shape. I have been lazy with my workout. 😛 But food are just so hard to resist! They are so amazing good! Literally, cannot live without it. Hahaha! Such a good excuse.

Another photo bomber!

You could clearly tell how happy my tummy and I are! Hahaha!!!

But seriously, I miss my toned body and abs.

My boyfriend was disturbing and teasing me. I cannot remember what it was, though.


We are being matchy matchy.

Sort of.




This is what he got for my birthday present. Sort of. Let me explain.

He got a charm for me every month since the 1st month we got together till my birthday. So he sort of gave me this for my birthday. Hahaha!

He did give me another present.


I was actually trying to take a photo of the pandora bracelet in this picture. That you saw previous.

I regret lying on the grass that day. It made my back so itchy and red! Real life problems. Hahaha!! Thank God it got better throughout the day, though.


Urgh! Mr Wind, can we please talk this out and stop slapping me with my hair thank you very much!

This is what you have to deal with when you take photos in an open area. I can totally tell that the wind did not like me that day.

Yah!! The wind listens to me for at least for 1 photo out of the x number of photos. -.-

This is 1 of my favorite photos that my boyfriend took of me. ♥

After the picnic, we did some shopping in town.

In the evening, we went back home for a simple dinner with my family but later than I know, they gave me a surprise birthday celebration! I was so shocked! My relatives were there singing the birthday song to me with my mother holding the cake. My uncles, aunties, cousins were there standing in my house. I totally did not expect this.

Thank you for my mother to arrange and organize everything!

You can see my boyyfriend on the sunglasses reflection!

I hope you enjoy this rare diary type of blog post and seeing the photos. If you like this kind of blog post, let me know me the comment down below! I will try to write more of them. Other than that, see you next time!




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