Welcome to the New Website!!!


As you can see I have moved!!! Ya!!!🎉

That is why I have been so quiet on my social media and on the previous blog. I was busy setting this up. (Feel really bad for not posting for quite some time though.😔)

I have transferred my previous old posts to this website. So if you are new to my blog, welcome! There are quite a few posts for you to indulge yourself in. For those who are not new, welcome back and thank you for staying with me on this journey!! I truly appreciate it!

There will be a brand new post every Thursday and for any additional post, it will be posted on Tuesday.

Follow me on my social media to know when I posted a new post!

Instagram/Snapchat @uniquelykek! I am trying to hit 100K on Instagram! Please do help!

I am trying to hit 100K on Instagram! Please do help! Thank you in advance!!

I hope you like this new setup and design! Please let me know your thoughts about it and let me know what kind of posts do you want to see or want me to do! I would love to know!

Thank you for reading as always!

I will see you around!!


PS: I wanna eat food…..hungry…

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