Outfits of the Month: May & June

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Yes, I know. You saw the title correctly but better late than never right? I was busy getting this new website up and I wanted to upload this here instead. It just feels better. Do you know what I mean? Maybe it’s just me… Hmm…

PS: To make it up for the lateness, I have included more photos for you to look at! Credits to my friend Dickson for taking photos for me. He took the Outfit 3 photos! He takes amazing and cool photos! Check and follow him on Instagram! @the_royal_son

Anyway, from July onwards I will be posting the Outfits of the Month every 3 months. So July, August, and September would be 1 post and October, November and December would be 1 post. The reason is that I usually wear sports clothes 6 days a week for work and my outfits are about the same. That’s why I do not have many outfits to share with you. Thus, making this decision so you will have more outfits to see instead of 2-3 outfits that I wore for that 1-2 months!

Now let’s put that aside….

If you are new to my blog or to this series, it is mainly outfits that I wore for that particular month. My outfits are not that crazy as those fashionistas if you are new to this series. Just simple outfits that an average girl wears when she goes out.

My outfits are not that crazy as those amazing fashionistas if you are new to this series. Just simple outfits that an average girl wears when she goes out.

If you have not read or look at my previous Outfits of the Month posts, here are the links! Just click the photos!






Or you can go to the Outfits of the Month tag to see them!

Outfit 1: Modern Nurse Joy

When I wore this outfit, my friends were telling me I look like Nurse Joy.

Yes, the Pokemon Nurse Joy character.

Try to imagine the outfit without the jacket, bag, and necklace.

Now, add in the nurse joy cap with my hair bun up.



To be honest, before I Google to find the picture of Nurse Joy picture. I didn’t know her dress was pink and that the apron is white.

I always thought that her dress was completely white and only had pink in the hat and hair. So I was quite surprised by that.

I really like this shot mainly because the wind was finally blowing in my favor!

But secretly it’s because of my smile too. My smile is always so un-glam and ugly in photos. I look so weird and it’s hard to find pictures and shots that I actually like. Does anyone feel me?

Thank you, Mr. Wind! 😀 and dear for taking the photos! Hahaha!!

One-Piece Romper:  Can’t remember where I got this from ):

Jacket: Alcott Company

Footwear: Nike

Earring and Necklace: Bangkok, Thailand

Ring: Hong Kong and Pandora

Watch: Solvil et Titus


Outfit 2: Street Pink

This is kinda of a repeated outfit. This dress appeared in the Outfit of the Month: Birthday Edition post.

I just style it slightly differently and went for a different vibe.

This was what I got!

To be honest, I was rushing out of the house and forgot to wear my necklaces and earrings.

It still looks good and minimalistic but it would look more glamorous with the earrings and layered necklaces.

Dress: The Editors Market

Outerwear: Levis

Ring: Pandora

Footwear: Superga




Outfit 3: Summer Outerwear

It has been so hot and humid in Singapore during these two months! It is insane to wear an outerwear during summer. However, if you live in Singapore, the air-con can be quite strong! I am someone who gets cold easily and is unable to wear a spaghetti top without getting cold indoors. So this is what I came out with!

I was actually feeling very hot and sweaty! Hahaha!! How can you not be when you are in the direct sunlight?! But the sun felt good and nice for awhile before it hits me!

Rings: Pandora(Index Finger), Hong Kong(Pinky Finger), and New Zealand (Ring Finger)

Necklace: Cannot remember where I got it

Choker: Thailand, Bangkok

The outerwear is quite thin and it would be great for a windy or rainy day in Singapore or other Southeast Asia countries. I love to wear this basic outfit and just change the outerwear!

Outerwear: Cannot remember which country I bought this from. It is either Vieteman or Indonesia

Top: Singapore but cannot remember which store.

Bottom: Thailand, Bangkok

Thank you for reading or seeing the photos all the way to the end!! Hope you like them!

See you in the next post!


PS: If you are wondering where is the outfit that I posted on instagram, I did not wear it in May and June. I actually took the photo a few months ago in a photoshoot with Dickson but I only wore it this month. I know I am explaining unnecessary stuff but I just want to be honest and put it out there! Hahaha!!! So you will see the photos in the next OOTM post!! Look forward to it!!!

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