Welcome to this tiny space where I journey to find beauty in new products, clothes, and other things that I can get my hands on. My name is Lydia and I am born in Singapore.

To be honest, since I was young, my peers told me that I am “weird”. Apparently, I was different from the peers at my age and it did hurt me not being able to blend in. As I grow older, I learn to appreciate this “weirdness” in me since that makes me who I am and different from other people! Everyone has gone through something similar like this in their life. I wanted to embrace the uniqueness in me and to encourage others to embrace theirs as well. As everyone is uniquely and wonderfully made. Thus, the name of the blog.

I always like to say this: “Be true to yourself as there is no one else in this world that is uniquely made the same as you!”

Come on this journey with me or talk to me on any of my social media or blog post!!


Fun Fact: My surname Kek is pronounced as cake and in Malay, Kek means Cake. Amazing right? And no, I am not Malay but I do sometimes bluff people that I am though… >.< Hahaha!


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